Kourtney Kardashian Comes Out As An Autosexual

Kourtney Kardashian Comes Out As An Autosexual,watch it if you are interested.

Fans have been wondering whether or not Kourtney Kardashian has fully come out as autosexual after the star released an article on her lifestyle website.

In 2020, over at Poosh, the 44-year-old reality TV sensation shared some thoughts in a piece cleverly titled ‘Are you low key autosexual?’

Here, she pondered if it’s possible that many of us, herself included, might find ourselves somewhere on the autosexuality spectrum.

Just in case the term is new to you, autosexuality is when someone finds themselves more attracted to their own being than to others.

It’s a scenario where the idea of self-pleasure, like masturbation, might be more appealing than sexual activities with a partner.

Kourtney, along with therapist and QueerSexTherapy founder Casey Tanner, dives into what it means to be autosexual, describing it as getting a buzz from your own erotic vibe.

“While masturbation is the most obvious example, autosexuality may extend beyond sexual behavior to include feeling a longing or desire for oneself,” Tanner detailed in the article.

“It can also be the ability to turn oneself on through looking at, visualizing, touching, or smelling oneself.”

Tanner also stressed that autosexuality is not a one-size-fits-all label; it’s more of a sliding scale.

“Like most human characteristics, autosexuality is a spectrum – and the majority of us are on it! Some may identify as exclusively autosexual, in which case they might consider autosexuality their sexual orientation.”

“Most people, however, incorporate autosexuality into a larger sexual repertoire that also includes being turned on by partnered sex,” Tanner said.
The piece went further, listing everyday actions that could spark self-attraction, such as slipping into some fancy lingerie for your own pleasure, doing your hair and makeup just because, or even the act of washing yourself with extra care and affection.

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