‘World’s Most Jealous’ Made Husband Take Lie Detector Test Daily

‘World’s Most Jealous’ Made Husband Take Lie Detector Test Daily

An uncommon illness that induces irrational jealousy has been identified in a lady who requires her fiancé to undergo a lie detector test every time he leaves the house to demonstrate his faithfulness. Debbi Wood, 42, of Leicester, is so convinced that her 30-year-old spouse, Steve Wood, will cheat on her that she double-checks his bank records, email correspondence, and phone many times a day.

Mr. Wood, who first became involved with Miss Wood in 2011 after a friend introduced them, is even prohibited from gazing at images of women in periodicals or watching women on television. According to medical professionals, Miss Wood has Othello Syndrome, a mental illness that makes people think their spouses have cheated on them even in the absence of proof. “I’m glad to finally know what’s wrong with me, but I still have a long way to go,” the woman stated to the Daily Mail. “I force Steve to take a lie detector exam as soon as he returns home, even if he is just out for a half hour to purchase a pint of milk.“

“I need to know the truth because I get so worried that he’s been sizing up the shop assistant.” She thinks he’s beautiful, but that’s not the problem; the problem is whether or not she can trust him to keep his eyes off other women when he’s out on the town. @You should only have eyes for your mate if you’re happy together and in a relationship.“

After a ten-year stay in the US, Miss Wood returned to Britain three years ago following the end of a long-term romance that had devastated her. Experts believe that the mental stress she experienced caused her disease, and she was so devastated that she vowed never to get into another relationship.

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